God Wants You Healthy

God Wants You Healthy

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Exodus 15:2
Physical health is a subject that spans the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Health is important. Some of the most valuable things on earth, we don’t pay attention until we lose them. Once something goes wrong with health, it is amazing how it becomes a priority because this body is the equipment that God gave us with which to function on this planet. Once it is not functioning right, our functioning on this planet is compromised. God is interested in the state of our health because it impacts directly on the quality of life that we live.
The Holy Spirit can enable the human body to function at a level beyond the capability of the human body as seen in Romans 8:11. The Holy Spirit introduces into the human body the quality of life that flows in God. The Holy Spirit, who is the spirit of life introduces energy, life and power into our physical bodies so they’re able to function at a level beyond human ability. So, the things that would normally knock the body down won’t knock your body down. If death could not stop the Holy Spirit from raising the body of Jesus, no virus, no bacteria can stop the life force of the Holy Spirit flowing in your system.
God is interested in the quality of life that we carry around on this planet because that is our earth suit. Under the old covenant, Abraham and Sarah’s body was empowered and taken beyond human capability to produce a child. In Romans 4;17-21, we see that Abraham’s body was as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old and Sarah’s womb was also dead but God brought raises the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit. Their bodies became like the bodies of young people and they conceived a baby! 
The day Israel obeyed God and re-enacted the covenant that Abraham had with God, they became one with God and God spoke to them as seen in Deuteronomy 7:15. Also Psalms 103:1-5 shows He heals our sicknesses. If people enjoyed health under the old covenant much more under the new covenant that is established from better promises should we also enjoy sound health. Now, God has His part to play and we have our part to play. We will see what God has promised and through this discussion take our own responsibilities on how to care for this earth suit that God has given to us. 
We must prioritize the health of our bodies, souls and our hearts. Nobody can make anything to grow. It is God that has the power to make anything grow. So the one thing we can do is to maintain health. So, even for the plants, we have to do the weeding to ensure that the conditions are right. We will also explore the conditions appropriate for our health. So, Galatians 3:13-14, we see that the blessing of Abraham of restoration of a man and woman with dead bodies who produced a baby at an old age. Once God is involved in an issue, the word ” impossibility”  doesn’t exist. 
We see in 1st Peter 2:24 that our health is a spiritual reality which means we can bring it down. What did Abraham and Sarah do right? Faith! Abraham hoped against hope. In otherwords, physically speaking, it was hopeless. So we refuse to accept natural circumstances as a reality. We accept God’s word!

Sunday Osanyintuyi

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