Pastor Sam Adeyemi

2 Corinthians 5:13-15 NKJV

When Christ came into our world, there were many problems; political problems, economic problems, social problems. Israel expected a political savior, and of all the possible solutions, Jesus, the Christ knew that the priority was the salvation of the human heart. The quality of our walk will never be better than the quality of man. God said, ‘let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness and let them have dominion, over everything’. So, once the man rebelled against God, God said ‘I will curse the ground for your sake.’. Something went wrong with the world, because something went wrong with the man. The redemption of the man is the redemption of creation; Jesus went for the man.

In Matthew 4:19, as soon as He started His mission, he came across a people, then he said to them; “follow me, I will make you fishers of men”. Paraphrased – ‘I will give you capacity to catch men, to influence men’. Greatest assignment on this planet is influencing men. You know why? That impact that you would make on their lives would last, not only for time, but for eternity. What an investment!

As seen in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 There is no greater joy on this planet, no greater transformation than for a human being to lose the nature of sin that he/she was born with and to gain the nature of God. In John 3, Nicodemus approached Jesus, ‘Rabbi, we know you are a teacher that has come from God; no one can do these miracles that you do, except God is with him. Jesus said, ‘truly truly I say to you, except a man is born again, he cannot see or experience the kingdom of God’. Nicodemus answers ‘you mean an adult like me would go into my mother’s womb and be born a second time?’ Jesus answered and said, ‘that which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit’…those are two different dimensions. But He used the word ‘born’ because you derive your nature from the person that gave birth to you, and He was telling Nicodemus, ‘the problem is with your nature, it is not technique, the problem is with your nature’. Sin is a nature, not just an act. It is the nature that produces the act. We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we’re sinners. Sinning is natural for every human being born on this planet. So Jesus was saying to Nicodemus ‘you inherited the nature. Once you were born as a human being, you had your nature as a human being, but you also had a spiritual nature. That nature is the nature of sin. In John 8, Jesus was explaining to the people of His days this issue of nature, he was saying, ‘why don’t you people understand my language? Why don’t you love me? You are true children of your father’. They said ‘but Abraham is our father.’ he said, ‘Abraham is not going round committing murder, why do you want to kill me? You are the true children of your father’. They then went on to say ‘God is our father’. Jesus answered them in John 8:44, ‘You are of your father the devil. He has been a liar from the beginning. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his nature, because he is the father of lies’. Every human being is born with that nature, it is the nature of sin.

So He said ‘if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away’! The joy of seeing someone free from the nature of sin, there is no greater fulfillment than that. Just think about the ripple effect of just one person receiving forgiveness of sin from Jesus and having the nature of sin removed from him, and God’s nature put there.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, ‘except a man is born the second time, he cannot experience the kingdom of God. That which is born of flesh is flesh, the one that is born of the spirit is spirit’. So the second birth that Jesus is talking about is not a physical one, it’s a spiritual one. The Spirit of God removes the nature of sin and puts God’s nature there. On the outside you still look the same, but on the inside there’s a miracle of transformation. The nature of God gives us capacity to think and feel like God. What used to overcome us before does not overcome us again, as we develop and grow that nature. Somebody may say ‘well, I know a Christian that does those things you are talking about, that a non-Christian should be the one doing’. Oh yeah, some people stay so long in God’s house as Christians but they don’t grow. But you see, if we grow, if we eat what spiritual people eat – the food is revelation, it is the word of God. If we exercise ourselves, we grow. If we grow, we will see the fruits, we will see the fruits grow; we would have capacity to love people more, we have capacity to forgive people more, we have greater capacity for joy. Things don’t have to be perfect in our lives, but we have exuberant joy that bubbles inside. That’s the greatest miracle on this planet.

So, now that our relationship with God has been made up, he has given us the responsibility to also ensure that his relationship is made up with other people as seen in 2nd Corinthians 5:18-19. We made up with God and we now have access to God! We enjoy the blessings of God, we enjoy the presence of God, and we enjoy the power of God! It says now, we have a responsibility, it is called the ministry of reconciliation. We have to share the good news to others so that they know.

John 4, Jesus went to the well, and there was a woman also that came there to fetch water. If we want to share the good news with people,

1. We must build bridges to get across to them. On a normal day, Jesus was not supposed to be speaking with that woman. When his disciples came back, the bible says that they were surprised that he was speaking with her. She was a woman- a Samaritan woman! The Jews have nothing to do with Samaritans, that’s why the woman too was surprised. When your heart is filled with the love of God, you must let go of your prejudices.

2. Let us start from their point of focus or from their areas of interest. You can start a conversation with total stranger when you learn to start from the topics that are important to them. For that woman in John 4, water was her greatest concern. She came all the way from the city to the well to fetch water, Jesus started from there

3. Next, Jesus touched on her pain-point. We need to be good listeners, and we need to really care about people to be able to pick out those pain-points. 

If you’re wondering, ‘how do i do this? How do i talk to people?’, Join our small group system. We do it. We go out on the streets, we talk to people, we chat people up.  We would pair you up with someone, who’s already experienced in doing this kind of a thing. You go with the person, you watch the person do it, you will watch the person show people love, and then with time you can try it, and then with time you would get used to it. You would feel joy like you have never felt in your life before. Jesus said there’s joy in heaven among the angels when one sinner repents.You will feel joy in your soul, you will feel that your life is meaningful. Making all the money in the world will never give you as much fulfillment as leading a soul to Christ, to heaven and to eternity in the presence of God. You would experience it…you need to try it and experience it, then you would understand what we’re talking about.

Sunday Osanyintuyi

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