Sharing The GoodNews (4)

Sharing The GoodNews (4)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

2 Cor. 5:13-15
From the anchor scripture, Apostle Paul was accused of extreme behaviours and positively notorious which was all because of the love of Christ. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one accused of this as several of Christ’s disciples were accused of extreme behaviours in scriptures. They went overboard and acted in certain ways that on a good day or normal circumstances you would not see them behave that way. People looked at them and wondered what came on these people and why were they behaving the way they behaved. They said the love of Christ compelled them. We see this in Acts 2:6-8.

What makes our lives as Christians very fascinating is when we can break beyond the human ability to fulfill our destiny. It was said about the disciples that they were full of new wine. The disciples of Christ were acting intoxicated because they were full of the Holy Spirit as seen in Acts 2. The Spirit of God came upon these ordinary, unknown men and they began to act in certain ways and people knew that something had entered into these people. When something beyond the ordinary comes into to, you become extraordinary. 

Being filled with the Holy Spirit and being drunk with alcohol produces similar effects but one is harmful. The Bible admonishes in Ephesians 5:18-19 not to be drunk with wine that could ruin your life but instead be filled with the Holy Spirit. When you’re drunk with wine and filled with the Holy Spirit, the effects are similar. You hear things you’ve never heard before or see things you’ve never seen before. 

The influence of the Holy Spirit gives us ability beyond human capability. Helps us with intelligence. We know things that we will not know on a normal day. We must desire to do things with the influence of the Holy Spirit. It makes you unique. So, you need to decide whether you would want to live your life on a natural normal level or on an extraordinary or supernatural level. David in Psalms 51 asked God not to take away the Holy Spirit from him no matter what happened because he understood the impact of the Holy Spirit on his life because he knew that without the Holy Spirit, he would be empty and dry. The influence of the Holy Spirit makes our lives extraordinary. You do, act and know things that are beyond your natural. Your eyes of understanding is enlightened and expanded.
Everyone that became great in the Bible, didn’t become great on their own. They had a force or Spirit that moved them. The exploits of Joseph was borne out of the influence of the Spirit of God. This is same with Daniel and the effect of the excellent Spirit that was upon him. 

When you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, you have access to wisdom. Being filled with the Holy Spirit produces and inspired version of you. When you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, you’re a unique different person. The inspired version of you area things differently, has capacity for faith and boldness. In Job 32:8 we see how being filled with the Holy Spirit makes you see inspired things. You’re not intimated and ability for faith for the impossible. You have capacity for love and joy. You forgive and let things go. You have capacity for unusual results. An inspired you will get unsual results and make things happen. What you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, things that had failed before would work. Miracles happen as soon as the inspired you shares the gospel. There’s nothing the Holy Spirit backs up that doesn’t succeed. 

When things are dry, empty or not working, then you need the infilling of the Holy Spirit because an inspired you by the Holy Spirit will make things happen in an extraordinary way as seen in Acts 2. You go with the personality of the Holy Spirit. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, multiplication began to happen.  The Holy Spirit brings intelligence and results. When your Christian life is no longer robust, it is an indication that your spiritual battery needs to be recharged.

Sunday Osanyintuyi

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