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Pastor Sam Adeyemi Eccl 3: 11 The beautiful thing for us believers is the fact that God’s word helps us to understand how our world works; how it was created, what it was created for and God’s plans and purposes for it. The earth was designed to exist forever and man was designed to live forever on it. God had a back-up plan. Something went wrong, man sinned and the earth was cursed for it and the Bible tells us in Revelations...


By Pastor Sam Adeyemi Hebrews 9:27-28 We laid the foundation that we are made to last forever and this is simply because man’s spirit came from God and God is eternal. The physical death of man is not the final termination of the existence of man; beyond the point of death, we continue to live. This life, which is short is a preparation for the one which has no limits. We equally drew on the law of time perspective which holds that...