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The Service and Leadership Connection

Pastor Sam Adeyemi 1 Samuel 8: 10- 18 (NIV) Many that aspire to the position of leadership underestimate the pressures and temptations that come with those positions as well as weakness of human nature to handle those temptations. Some, who were critical of those who occupied leadership positions before, perform worst when they have opportunities to occupy such leadership positions. When they were outside those positions, they had assumptions which were not correct.  There are pressures and temptations that come with occupying leadership...

The Ultimate Helper

The Ultimate Helper

By Pastor Kenny Folarin [Psalm 121: 1-8]   We all need help and we live in a world inhabited by people who need help. So, where does your help come from? When you are in need of help, who is the first person that comes to your mind? Where is the first port of call in a time of need? In times of need, David the Psalmist declared that his help came from the Lord. David lived at a time when the people...