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The Ultimate Helper

The Ultimate Helper

By Pastor Kenny Folarin [Psalm 121: 1-8]   We all need help and we live in a world inhabited by people who need help. So, where does your help come from? When you are in need of help, who is the first person that comes to your mind? Where is the first port of call in a time of need? In times of need, David the Psalmist declared that his help came from the Lord. David lived at a time when the people...

Faith for Finances

Genesis 22: 17-18 by @sam_adeyemi The anchor or the foundation for our trust in God is God’s integrity and the covenant that we have with Him. God has not left our provision to chance. He has put it within the context of the covenant that He initiated with us and He never fails. All that belongs to Christ now belongs to us. However, the current season has the tendency to birth worry in our minds and even Christ acknowledged this (Matthew 24)....