Vision Statement
…raising role models

Mission Statement
To empower you and I to discover, develop, release and maximise our potentials in God.

Core Value
Our core values form the acronym REAL.
R – Righteousness
E – Excellence
A – Accountability
L – Love

The Birth of the Daystar Vision
In year 2000, I was in Dubai with my wife on holiday and the Holy Spirit spoke to me from Leviticus Chapter 25. He said, he was going to give us a harvest of 3 years combined and we were going to gain momentum within one year that would last us for 3 years, and that when we got back from the pastors’ meeting, we should fix a date for breaking into 2 services. At that time, the auditorium was not yet filled to the brim. In  September 2000, we fixed a date for October 15th and we broke into 2 services. Within 10 months, we had moved from running 1 service to 4 services. It was an explosion for us. Fellowship exploded, attendance increased, financial resources also increased. Since then it has been an exciting experience.

We were reluctant to move into 5 services, and when we moved, we were reluctant to add the extension. Now we have added the extension, and all our services are filled to capacity. With leadership development and training being our core competence, we realized we have capacity to grow much more and God gave us opportunity to locate a facility that would take us in 3 services.

The vision God gave us from the beginning was to raise role models in the society. I believe sincerely that Daystar’s assignment is about leadership; raising leaders; people who will transform this country and who will change our world in all spheres of life. I have a feeling that in a matter of time Daystar Christian Centre will grow to a large size. Since Lagos is a fast growing city and the UN reports say it will become the 3rd largest city in the world, I have a feeling that we would be influencing directly at least a million people as we continue to influence the city like we are doing now.

We have about 900 cell centers spread all over the city and I trust God that someday we will have 10,000 of these cells all over the city.

I believe that God is going to raise people (and he is raising them already) who are going to make impact in the ministry. He is going to raise pastors, apostle and teachers and people in all kinds of ministry who will influence not only this city but the whole of Nigeria; ultimately the whole of Africa and different nations of the world. I am optimistic that God is raising in Daystar Christian Centre, people who are going to impact the business world and that is why we are interested in sowing seeds in people’s hearts. Out of our five services that we use to have, the first service use to be an entrepreneurial class. I believe sincerely that God is raising from Daystar Christian Centre people who will impact in government; people who will show what leadership is all about. He is raising people who will be in positions where they can influence policy making; who will help us establish policies and laws that will transform our environment so that this country will become developed.

This is the future. It’s big, large, awesome and exciting. Surely, the Word is working wonder in Daystar!