Doing the Plan

Doing the Plan

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi


[James 1:22-25]


There is a gap between what you know and what you do; that gap is the measure of your self-deception. It is not enough to just read the word (James 1:22). Never argue with the word of God because sometimes, in order to lessen our guilt, we argue with it or waive it (Proverbs 13:13). Knowledge puts a responsibility on you for action because the person who knows, but doesn’t do is not better than the person who doesn’t know; in terms of actual results. Knowing, saying, reading, thinking or even teaching smart things is not enough. You have to do smart things to get smart results. Your success equation is incomplete without execution. Luke wrote to Theophilus about what Jesus did and taught (Acts 1:1). This is a challenge to preachers because most preachers teach and then do; they have the order wrong.

Probably the most significant obstacle to action is the fear of failure. The fear of failing holds many people back from trying. Instead of asking, “what if it doesn’t work?” ask, “what if it works”? The first question paralyses your initiative and thinking, while the second question opens your mind to possibilities and fuels your desires. Not realising that setbacks and mistakes are inevitable will stop you from taking action. The reality is that in the attempt to achieve anything, it is highly probable that you will make mistakes. In the process of learning to walk, every child falls many times.  Same thing applies to learning to ride a bicycle or driving. It is most likely that the first time you tried, you didn’t succeed; yet, you kept trying. The fact that you tried to walk or ride a bicycle or drive a car and didn’t succeed during the first attempt is not failure. However, failure occurs when you stop attempting. The average entrepreneur, who has achieved anything in business, has stories to share about the many attempts they made. That is just life! Even when it came to prayer, Jesus taught us persistence. This is simply because God created the principles which control our world and He doesn’t break them. It is true that knowing what to do puts you ahead of the pack, but it does not yet make you different from the pack until you act on what you know. When you add implementation to revelation, you enjoy divine acceleration (James 1:21, 25).

Two Stanford University professors, Jeffery Pfeiffer and Robert Sutton, discovered that there is a kind of knowledge that is likely to be applied in order to execute your plans. This knowledge is not obtained from just reading, watching, thinking or listening. They said the kind of knowledge you are likely to apply, comes from doing. That was the difference between Jesus and the Pharisees (Matthew 23:1-3; Luke 4:32). So, in order to improve your success rate, get knowledge from people who are taking action; even if they don’t have results to show, their experiences will still be useful to you. Then, take action and learn from your experiences. Be willing to experiment! Lose the fear of trying (Psalm 1:3). After the prophet had prophesied to the widow, nothing changed until she took action (2Kings 4). You won’t know what can happen if you don’t try.

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