Strategic Action

Strategic Action

Many years ago, our senior pastors attended a ministers’ conference during which a speaker gave an exhortation from Proverbs 21:20.


Acting on the exhortation revolutionised their thinking about saving and consequently transformed their personal finances, as well as, the church’s finances. Our material and financial provision will always work perfectly to the size of our thoughts. You will always attract the material equivalent of your most dominant thought. Saving is priority! After you take out what you are giving to God, the next item to remove is your savings, before your bills.

However, our main emphasis today is not on savings; it is on strategic action. Many people attended the conference but it is very likely that a large percentage of the attendees did not take the commensurate action. Jesus’ mother told the waiters at a wedding to do whatever Jesus commanded them to do (John 2:5). So, Revelation plus Action = Manifestation; while, Revelation minus Action = Frustration. Many Christians are frustrated because their potentials in Christ are not being realised. You need to act on what you hear or read from God’s word. If the apostles did not act on God’s word, we won’t have the Acts of the Apostles as a book in the Bible. Jesus instructed Peter to launch out into the deep and throw his nets into the deep but Peter threw one net. He caught many fishes that the net almost broke (Luke 5:4-6). We also do the same thing when we reduce the size of our vision or limit our expectations or obedience. Only God knows what is waiting for us when we act on an inspired thought and make that phone call or visit someone who has been on our mind. There is no amount of analysis that will change your finances until you pay your tithes, give, give to the poor and honour your parents; in spite of how they have treated you. God factored that in before He gave the commandment that you should honour them. Send something home!

In order to realise your potential, you must have the capacity to overcome inertia, that is, the force that keeps objects in a stationary position or on the same path. Action commands the miracles; it is a critical factor in the Dominion Mandate given to us by God. He is a Creator (Genesis 1:1). Therefore, do not maintain the status quo. Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen. God abhors laziness and it disqualifies one from being in the company of achievers (Matthew 25:26-27). Laziness frustrates destinies (2Thessalonians 3:10-12). The Church should not permit lazy people. So, in order to overcome weaknesses in this area, ask the Holy Spirit to help you (Philippians 2:13). It is not all action that yields good results. Therefore, you need to evaluate your actions to see if you are getting the best results from you efforts. Work in the area of your gift. Invest your time wisely and take strategic action (Ecclesiastes 10:10 MSG). The quality of brainwork that you do, determines the yield of your physical work. It is time to get Holy Ghost prompted visions, ideas and thinking which should then be followed by actions initiated by the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:16-17). Getting involved in acts of service, not begging, will connect you to your promotion (Acts 8).


This message was preached by Pastor Sam Adeyemi on Sunday, November 13, 2016. To order the full message, please contact our resource stand.

Isaac Oladipupo

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