My cousin’s wife had a severe headache, which she thought was a mere headache, for almost five years. It was later diagnosed as diabetes. It persisted and she started having pains all over her body, then her teeth began to fall out. Lastly, she was unable to stand erect. In September, she had an MRI scan which showed that she had a brain tumour covering the left side of her brain.
Last month, Pastor Solomon asked us to come out if we had a loved one in the hospital. I did even though she was not in the hospital at the time. Pastor Grace laid her hand on the left side of my brain and prayed with me. My in-law went in for surgery last week and to the glory of God, it was successful even though it lasted ten hours instead of the anticipated seven hours.
Today she is hale and hearty and responding to treatment. I trust God to heal her completely.
O. H.





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