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We are looking for a smart and experienced Sound Engineer to operate and maintain all sound equipment in optimal conditions, ensuring the highest sound output in all Daystar Programs and events.

He/she must be able to carry out studio work, live broadcast, set work and post-production operations.


The responsibilities of the Sound Engineer will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Operate mixers and other recording equipment to record, mix, and edit music, voices or special effects for a variety of purposes.
  • Be available for all assigned programs and choir rehearsals.
  • Be directly responsible for all the instrument in the audio/control room, on the stage, altar, Front of House (F.O.H.), exteriors and gallery.
  • Ensure that all equipment (console room, mixers, etc.) are kept under appropriate conditions according to the manufacture’s manual, arranging in order after performances, and maintaining equipment in clean state.
  • Set up and dismantle all audio equipment used for both in-house and remote events.
  • Take responsibility for the safety of all equipment, instruments, and gadgets in his/her care.
  • Always uphold the standards and core values of Daystar Christian Centre.

Required competencies

  • Ability to set up and bring down equipment for events and live performances.
  • Knowledge of sound engineering techniques (e.g. equalization).
  • Possess experience with sound editing and recording equipment (e.g. mixing consoles).
  • Possess working knowledge of recording software and hardware (e.g. Pro Tools).
  • Possess an in-depth, hands-on experience of all aspects of the capture, recording, mixing and amplification of sound.
  • Possess a deep knowledge of sound requirements and what can be achieved for productions in studio or on location.
  • Ability to solve any technical problems which arise before or during sound recording.
  • Ability to balance the creative requirements of the Production Director with the technical capabilities of the available equipment.
  • Ability to integrate (synchronise) pre-recorded audio (dialogue, sound effects and music) with visual content.
  • Ability to re-record and synchronise audio (post-synching).
  • Ability to mix and balance speech, effects and music.

Required qualifications and experience

  • Minimum of an OND in electronics/electrical engineering OR a relevant discipline.
  • Minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience on the job as a Sound Engineer.
  • Clear understanding of the basic rudiments of Music.
  • Ability to play at least one musical instrument will be an advantage.
  • Computer literacy

Interested applications should please apply by clicking the link: https://goo.gl/rHMnjn

Also, send your CV to jobs@daystarng.org with the job title as subject of your mail.





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