In 1995, my elder sister suddenly started behaving ‘funny’. We took her to different churches and prayed but there was little or no change. Eventually we took her to the Neuropsychiatric Hospital where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. We managed her condition with the use of drugs which helped a bit and her condition was a reproach to our family. When October was declared our month of divine health/healing, I believed God for my sister’s complete healing and restoration. During the second service on 27th October, I told God that it was the set time and He confirmed it when Pastor Sam declared ‘that spirit of schizophrenia is gone!’ My “Amen” was resounding and during the monthly prayer meeting on Tuesday 29th October (Healing in His wings), Pastor Solomon confirmed it and that was it!
It’s gone forever! I thank God for the healing and restoration. The God of Daystar is indeed a restorer of lost glories. Praise God!
B. K.





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