Daystar Academy

Welcome to Daystar Academy where we believe everyone has a destiny to walk in, a destiny already concluded in the mind of God (Eph. 2:10).  Our greatest fulfillment in life comes when we discover our place and walk in it. We believe there is a treasure, a gold mine in you. We empower men and women to recognize their gifts, and the potentials that God has deposited in them, to develop those potentials, and to apply them effectively in their daily living. Ministry to God, the body of Christ and their society at large.

The Daystar Academy is the resources development school for the church. Through this we pass on the vision of the church and the spirit of the house. The school has 5 levels and each level addresses different needs and purpose. The levels are graduated from 100 to 500. The school runs in sessions of 5 weeks and holiday of 3 weeks each. By this, we run 6 sessions in a year.

Our process of raising role models involve largely training and discipleship programmes. Whatever the level of Christian maturity and experience you have attained, there is a programme designed with you in mind.

It consists of the membership school which provides you with the foundation for a strong and solid relationship with God. It also equips you with the strength and stability required for living victoriously in a real and challenging world, lt enriches you with the qualities of a good leader, leads you to discover your ministry gifts and helps you to locate your place of God’s kingdom. It also teaches on evangelism.

Where the rubber meets the road!
Imagine a car suspended mid-air. The ignition is on, the gear is on high speed, the accelerator is down, and the speedometer reads 100km/hr. the tyres are rolling fast, but the car is not moving because the tyres are not touching the road. Just like the car suspended mid-air, many people have not found the connecting points between their spiritual experience in Church and the reality of daily living.

100 Level – Membership School

200 Level – Maturity School

300 Level – Ministry School

400 Level – Missions School





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