CONCERNED about the dearth of purposeful and pro-active leadership in Nigeria and around the world, the pastorate of The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, has stressed the need for conscientious efforts and re-orientation on the essence of true leadership in all spheres of life and influence to birth a new Nigeria and create the much-desired change in the nation.
Speaking at a press briefing to herald the 5th edition of the Excellence in Leadership Conference, senior pastor of the church, Rev. Sam Adeyemi expressed deep concern at the fact that “the greatest need of our country and the world now is leadership”, hence, the passion of his church is to “grow leaders who have both character and competence”.
He countered the general belief that a leader is made by the position he occupies, stressing that “a leader is in no way superior to those he is leading.”
“here in Nigeria; we believe that leadership is opportunity for self-enrichment and aggrandizement. There is apparent lack of competence in leadership. It is a cultural problem, not only in politics but in all spheres of life, including the family. Another setback here is that we do not have accredited institutions that teach, create and produce leaders”, lamented Adeyemi.
He stressed that as a church, “the management of Daystar Christian Centre holds strongly that leadership only gives you the resources and capacity to serve others better, hence, the essence of trying to redefine the concept of leadership through Daystar Leadership Academy, which offers Certificate and Diploma courses and has produced over 20,000 graduates since its inception”.
Special focus of the church is the annual Excellence in Leadership Conference, a three-day program which is gear towards providing a veritable platform to change the mindset of the people.

November 4TH, 2012
By Aramide Oikelome





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