I attended the 2013 Leaders’ Congress and held on to the word of God and prophetic declarations by Rev. Sam and Pastor Nike. On 14 January, two days before I travelled to join my husband in UK, I felt a sharp abdominal pain. I was diagnosed of a ruptured appendix and was carelessly operated on. I developed different complications including stomach and heart problems and bed sores which led to my re-admission at the general hospital and a private hospital in the UK till April 2013. I also had to visit the GP throughout the year. Brethren in District 3 and my family stood in gap for me.
I left the country in a wheelchair and a size 6 down from size 12. I am now fully recovered. My husband finished his programme successfully and we are back home enjoying the mercies of God set before us. God, in His infinite mercy, kept and healed me according to His covenant.
– S. O.





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