Pastor Nike Adeyemi         |                 Proverbs 22: 6

“ A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood”
God instituted marriage and the family for the raising of godly offspring. Children are given, in trust, to their parents, and God will one day demand an account of our stewardship over our children. To successfully carry out this assignment, it’s paramount that we understand children, their worth and their idiosyncrasies.

First, every child is a gift from God. Every good and perfect gift comes from God, and His gifts make rich and add no sorrow. Parents must acknowledge the fact that children are a blessing; therefore it’s their duty to love, nurture and protect them, irrespective of their behavior, knowing that they will ultimately conform to the will of God because they have been dedicated to Him and He will watch out for them. It is important that parents expose their children to God early in life, so that they are well grounded spiritually before the onslaught of worldly distractions start coming at them. The necessity of early exposure to Christianity cannot be over-emphasized because children are conditioned by their environment; they pick up their traits and habits from their environment so parents have to exemplify the excellent qualities they want in their children. Parents should be good role models to ensure that their children remain untainted by the world.

Children need a symbol of strength to feel safe; therefore parents must represent a rock solid pillar of stability so that the children don’t feel threatened or insecure. Children love freely, love makes the world go round; parents must preserve this quality in their children by ensuring that they are not exposed to abuse. Parents should discuss openly, every topic with children, this way they know what their children are up to, and also, it gives them the opportunity to advise them accordingly.

Today’s world is putting a lot of pressure on our children, the media is hard bent on de-sensitizing our children from recognizing evil and it’s warning signs; rather than be overwhelmed by this trend, parents should strengthen their resolve to protect the minds of their children. It’s time to pray fervently for the preservation of children, to save our world.

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