The Daystar Experience

What Should I Expect When I Visit Daystar?
At Daystar, we want you to experience the great music, powerful and practical messages, friendly people and an exciting atmosphere that are part of Daystar.

We feel it is our responsibility to make your coming to church easy and we know that your first time might bring up some questions. How do I get there? What should I wear? What’s available for my children? What should I expect? Here are some of the things you can expect based on people’s first hand experience at our church.



When I finished school, I asked God to direct me on which church to attend because my folks and friends attend another church in the Area but I needed to find a place that felt like home, where I am free to express myself in whichever group I feel like joining.
The people here are very friendly. I think the messages here are more like the “selling point” and the Word here is taught not in the parables its brought to you as it affect your everyday life and it is a message for now. The message helps me in setting my plans and goals and also helps me in achieving them.



Daystar is a really good church. We have everything we need in the Junior Church, like I’m in the preteens class and we have pianos, drums, microphones like most of the other classes.

We have really good teachers and we really learn a lot. I stated coming here with my parents like 4 years ago and I have enjoyed every moment.



I first heard about the Daystar Leadership Academy from a friend and I attended the September edition and I was impressed when I came here. The People here are real and down to earth.

There are a lot of beautiful people in the church. The service and the timing are just okay, I love it. The instrumentalists are light years away from their counterparts, they are good at what they do and they are professionals.

The messages are good. It was just like having a dream that was dying and coming to a place like this has brought that dream back and it sort of puts it my face everyday and the church has helped me in painting the picture of that dream, before it was blurred and I was moving in obscurity but now with the help of the messages here, I can see the dream clearly. I think one has to be equipped in this time we are in this world, equipped spiritually, business-wise, martially. What you get here will last you a while. When entering another phase in life, you’ll start looking for greener pastures, but over here, the grass is as green as it gets.



I’ve been in Daystar for about 2years now and I must confess its a wonderful place to be. The music is good, uplifting and wonderful.

Anyone my age coming to the church, should first make a stop at the teen’s church. The guys and teachers are friendly, they associate with you like teens.



Been hearing about the church for a while and then a friend invited me once, and I came over to see for myself. People line up on a queue to enter the services although challenging at times to have to wait on the line but hey that is so orderly.

The timing of the services is just perfect for me. The time of service is beautiful because they make maximum use of the time. The church has something about it, its inviting.



I lived in Kano State, Nigeria and needed a good place to worship and my coming here through my wife; she was my fiancée back then. The first attraction was the praise and worship, it was more than outstanding, it beat my imagination.

I wanted the Word more than anything and the first time I heard a message I was really blessed, I knew I was at home. Coming to Lagos newly, I had scouted some other churches and they didn’t work for me but coming here felt like home and I knew this was where I should be. The impact the church makes on my mind is awesome, I am improving every time.
Talking of the structure and environment, I have had the opportunity to travel out of the country but I feel like churches even in the developed world should be like this. I already have a taste of what a church should look like right here in Nigeria.



A Family Friend invited me. The services are okay, short, power-packed, reviving. The message is very inspiring and motivating. The environment is cool.

The Church is in a central location which makes it very accessible for anyone coming from any location around the Lagos metropolis. The timing for the services is very convenient. You can just choose the one that suits you even when you wake up late.



I love the timing because even when you don’t get to wake up on time, you still meet a service to attend.
The people in the teen’s church are friendly. The Choir is just fantastic, even if you’re not in the mood for worship, they just carry you along and before you know it, you’re in it.



I like it here and that’s why I come. My children who are abroad come here whenever they are around. My daughter-in-law is here right now, she has been hearing about the place and she came here just to see for herself.

Been to a couple of other churches but on coming here, God started to tell me about the kind of ministry I should serve in and what that ministry would look like, I got a clearer picture of it. I love it here.



Daystar is the coolest church in the whole wide world. I like our teachers, they are so good and they never let me down. My parents and I come for the final services on Sunday because it’s our favorite.

I Love my teachers, the entire Junior Church environment, I just love everything about the Junior Church. We are moving to a new neighborhood soon and I can’t wait to tell all of my friends there what a lovely time we have in the Junior Church here.



Since I have been coming here, I have met people my age, older, younger and most of the people in my age range have inspired me into moving on with whatever idea I want to implement in my life. It has sort of been like a challenge to me which has help me in the way I talk, in the things I do, the way I look, the way I think and all that.

The message affects me a great deal I must tell you, it teaches on practical living. The church teaches how to fish instead of giving you the fish all the time which helps you more as a person.
I am not the kind of person that like to sit down and have a long and boring service and that’s why I enjoy the messages when I come because it is short, brief, and straight to the point, it hits the nail on the head and I’m out.





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