I live in Europe and I ardently follow the services online. Two weeks ago, I had a successful Myoma surgery. On getting home, I had missed Pastor Sam’s message on Supernatural Health but I tapped into the grace and blessings. A few days later, I started experiencing some pain which gradually got worse. On Sunday, while watching the 10.30am service, I joined in the praise and worship session though I couldn’t dance well because of the pains; then Pastor started praying for those with sicknesses in their bodies. I quickly put my left hand on my chest and stretched forth my right hand; and that was it! Jehovah Rapha healed me instantly! I have heard people give testimonies and even read about it in the Bible but this is the first time I’m experiencing such instant physical healing. OUR GOD IS GOOD, MERCIFUL AND FAITHFUL! Amen.

E.J. (Mrs.)





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