VISA Granted Miraculously!
Last year, I committed myself to donating a certain amount of money towards the church project on a monthly basis. In September 2012, my daughter and I went to Abuja for a US visa interview because we were told that visa denial in Abuja was minimal. I also avoided getting pregnant because I was told pregnant women have higher chances of being denied visas. Painfully, despite all human calculations we were denied. I was discouraged and thought of not fulfilling my monthly commitment but I encouraged myself in the Lord and continued. We decided to put aside human calculations, I got pregnant and my husband, daughter and I attended an interview in Lagos instead of traveling to Abuja. Just like Rev. Sam, we declared that whatever cannot be denied God cannot be denied us. Miraculously, even with my obvious pregnancy we were granted our visas without stress. Praise God!
D. K. O.





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