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You are welcome to the Daystar Women of Destiny Fellowship! We are delighted to have you join this vibrant and enriching fellowship of focused and remarkable women of God.


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The Women of Destiny Fellowship

The Daystar Women of Destiny Fellowship is a vibrant and enriching fellowship of focused and remarkable women of God.


To empower Daystar women to discover, develop, release and maximize our potentials in God.

WOD, as we fondly call the fellowship, has different groups and sub-units. We join hands to reach out to other women of different ages and status. We will be glad to have you join us to serve in any of these units.

Every woman in Daystar has a place in the Women of Destiny (WOD) fellowship. We welcome you to be part of this great vision.

Our Meetings:

We meet on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00a.m.

We meet on-site at Ikosi Road, Oregun, and sometimes, we have our meetings online.

Our Sub-units:

Below are the different units and teams in WOD:

Golden Mothers - They cater to women of age 50 and above. If you are within this age group, you are automatically a member.

Princesses - This unit caters to the needs of single women. They meet to encourage and equip single ladies during the waiting period.

Wise Women - This unit is for widows who are of age, older women. We thank God who has been supporting our dear mothers over the years.

Dorcas Team - This unit caters to the need of sisters who have been widowed at a young age. However, those who are in this unit are not widows, they only minister to them and serve in all capacity that concerns them.

Joyful Mothers/Fathers Forum - This is the unit for waiting mothers and for pregnant women too. We have several members of WOD serving as spiritual midwives and attending to the needs of the pregnant women.

Logistics Team - This team consists of Ushering, Protocol and Registration sub units. They handle the operations of WOD monthly meetings and other special occasions as well.

Worship Team - They are the WOD Worship leaders.

Membership Team - The team handles the welcome, follow up and integration of new members.

Visitation Team - They are in charge of members visitation on any occasion or in any circumstances.

Publicity Team - They are in charge of publicity and promotion of all WOD events and meetings.

Evangelism Team - The team goes out on Evangelism outreach at chosen times and they also meet to pray for souls and women in general.

Welfare Team - They plan and coordinate Wod social occasions and also cater to the needs of all WOD workers, invited guests etc during and after our programs.

Prayer Team ( Women on the Watch) - They meet to pray and intercede for all women and members of Daystar. They meet virtually and physically at times. They also manage our general Prayer group tagged ‘ WOD War Room’. It is open for all members to join.

To join any of these units, kindly reach out to us:

WOD contact number

Sis Nkechi

For enquiry:
Call/Text/Chat Joy: +2349053517216

Follow this link to join "WOD Daystar" WhatsApp group. (It’s the main/official group for all members.)

The Wod Prayer room is tagged “WOD War Room.” (A prayer and intercessory group open to all members.)
Follow this link to join "WOD War Room" WhatsApp group

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Plot A3C, Ikosi Road, Oregun, Lagos, Nigeria.

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